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UniSQ Japanese Garden QLD

About UniSQ Japanese Garden QLD

Mr Yoshiharu Araki from the Brisbane Consul-General of Japan opened the Japanese Garden ‘Ju Raku En’ on 21 April 1989. The site, which covers over three hectares, is located on the northern side of UniSQ Toowoomba. UniSQ and the Toowoomba Regional Council jointly own it. The name ‘Ju Raku En’ roughly translates to ‘to enjoy peace and longevity in a public place’. In Ju Raku En, the Japanese garden, Professor Kinsaku Nakane of Kyoto meticulously positioned every large rock to give the illusion of natural dispersion randomly. These gardens are known for focusing on utilizing rocks to craft three-dimensional stone artworks.

Construction of The Garden, which is one of Australia’s largest and most traditionally designed Japanese stroll gardens, commenced in 1983 after three years of planning. The master plan and design for the Garden and the community building and tea house were prepared in Japan following site analysis and intensive background studies conducted by the Nakane Garden Research staff. Despite being a relatively young garden, it will take many years for Ju Raku En to be considered complete.

UniSQ Japanese Garden QLD

What to do at UniSQ Japanese Garden QLD

The three islands in Ju Raku En are believed to be the dwelling place of immortals, surrounded by the celestial sea (the lake) that gently touches their rocky shores. The material world lies at the outermost part of the lake, and to reach the paradise within, one can cross any of the four bridges that serve as symbolic pathways. This presentation of a Buddhist paradise showcases the connection between the earthly realm and the realm of immortality. Couples often choose to get married at The Garden, a well-liked location for weddings. Some prefer to have their spring weddings beneath the beautiful lilac blossoms that hang from the Wisteria Pergola, while others opt for the waterfall or the Viewing Pavilion on the islands as their wedding backdrop.

The 4.5-hectare Japanese Garden at the University of Southern Queensland is a serene and stunning park that offers tranquillity to its visitors. Known as Ju Raku En, which means ‘to enjoy peace and longevity in a public place’, this garden is situated on the northern side of the campus and is Australia’s largest and most traditionally designed Japanese stroll garden. Its features include a mountain stream, a waterfall, a Dry Garden, a central lake, Azalea Hill, 3km of paths, and a variety of 230 species of Japanese and Australian native trees and plants. All of these elements come together in perfect harmony, creating a restful and seamless environment.

UniSQ Japanese Garden QLD

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