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End of Lease Cleaning: Get Your Property Sparkling Clean

End of Lease Cleaning helps our clients to get their property sparkling clean ready for the moving day. We have a lot more benefits than you might have thought!

Our team at Toowoomba Cleaners Elite will make your property look gorgeous with professional cleaners that are experienced in providing a deep, thorough clean without any damage or mess.

Professional End Of Lease Cleaners In Toowoomba

Get the dirt out of your property before your lease ends. End of Lease Cleaning is one of the most highly rated and popular cleaning companies around.

End of Lease Cleaners has helped our clients get their property sparkling clean ready for the moving day. End-of-end-lease cleaners will make your property look gorgeous with professional end-of-lease cleaners experienced in so many aspects of the cleaning industry.

Whether you are an investor, landlord or tenant, our professional end-of-lease cleanings come with a guarantee that promises to make your home sparkle like new on the move out day.


    Toowoomba Cleaners Google Review budget and Satisfaction Guarantee

    George from Harlaxton, 4350

    I can’t believe how much you were able to transform my house. I had always thought it was impossible after staying there for 14 years. Actually, I thought it was impossible to get a professional wood cleaning service provider. But you managed to get the tough stains out and made the corners fresh again. Great job!

    High-Quality Lease Cleaners At Low Prices

    Our goal is to provide you with the best end-of-lease cleaners at low prices.

    We strive to make your property look gorgeous with professional end-of-lease cleaners experienced in so many aspects of the cleaning industry. We also offer advice on how to avoid getting charged for cleaning when moving out or investing.

    expert cleaners from Toowoomba Cleaners Elite is cleaning the window

    End of Lease Cleaning in Toowoomba, QLD

    Moving day can be stressful enough, but once it’s all over, you want to make sure your home looks beautiful again and not like a mess before closing up shop – this is where we come in.

    Our end-of-lease cleaning services are designed to deliver a high-quality service at an affordable price, ensuring you get your deposit back without any hassle. We also offer advice on avoiding getting charged for cleaning when moving out or investing – something that many people don’t know about and can be unfair practices by some landlords charging tenants outrageous fees just because they’ve moved out.

    best cleaner with a gloves on the hand holding a sponge on the table

    Benefits of Hiring Our End of Lease Cleaners

    There are a lot of benefits that come with hiring our end-of-lease cleaners. We have a team of experienced professionals who can clean your property from top to bottom. Our cleaning services can remove germs, allergens and stains without any issues whatsoever, which is excellent for people with allergies or asthma.

    Maximum Cleanliness

    Our experienced professionals will ensure that your property is in the best possible condition to be handed back.

    Affordable Prices

    We offer competitive prices for our cleaning services so you can always get a good deal with us.

    Flexible Booking

    We also have flexible booking hours because we know everyone has their schedule, which means you’re more likely to find a time slot that suits you and makes life easier for everyone involved.

    Cleanup Guarantee

    If anything goes wrong during or after the project, we’ll come back and fix it immediately!

    Why Choose Us?

    End-of-lease cleaning is one of our most popular services for residential properties needing a deep scrub down before moving day arrives with tenants vacating.

    With years of experience working as professional cleaners, we’ve seen it all when posting move-out situations.

    Vast Experience

    We have a team of talented and experienced cleaners with extensive experience in all types of residential properties.

    We'll Always Deliver

    We’re committed to delivering the high-quality results you expect from us every single time.

    Personalised Cleaning

    We provide a tailored service to meet your needs, focusing on detail and tailored cleaning.

    Variety of Services

    We offer comprehensive end-of-lease cleaning services for landlords, tenants or estate

    Anna from Glenvale, 4350

    I always like to have my house squeaky clean! And I tried to do it all by myself until I realised how hard it is to keep every corner spotless. I needed some help to handle all the tough spots and challenging stains. Toowoomba Cleaners came through and did an excellent job. 

    What Should Be on Your End of Lease Cleaning Checklist?

    Here’s a rundown of some of the critical things to put on your End of Lease Cleaning Checklist to make sure you get the best possible clean:

    Living Room

    Make sure to have your carpets professionally cleaned before the end of the tenancy. You can also vacuum and dust furniture, remove cobwebs from ceiling fans, and lift the corners of rugs to remove any pet hair that may have been in there.


    Make sure you vacuum, dust furniture and window sills, mop floors if needed, wipe down light switches with a damp cloth or paper towel, change all bed linens (sheets are washed before the last day). You can also use your dryer sheets when doing this task to leave behind a different fresh smell!


    Clean out fridge and freezer first, so they are empty on moving day. The next step is to clean every surface, including appliances inside and out (dishwasher included), counters, cupboards, etc. Take care of spills like ketchup with baking soda—for example, clean under and around the sink.

    Clean Bathroom

    Clean any spills, remove dirt from tiles with a damp sponge or rag

    What does an end of lease clean include?

    An end of lease clean includes a thorough deep clean of your property’s interior and exterior, emphasising the removal of dirt and grime.

    We provide all cleaning products for this service using eco-friendly methods to ensure you have sparkling surfaces that will impress potential new tenants!

    End of Lease Cleaning is available throughout Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs. We also offer our same excellent end-of-lease cleaning services in Sydney’s Northern Beaches area.

    Here’s what they’re saying about us

    My wife and I just could never get enough time to clean up the house. We also couldn’t stand letting the house getting too dirty. That’s why we hired Toowoomba Cleaners to clean it for us every week, and they have done a great job so far.


    I spent a lot of money on the wood flooring of my home. I just couldn’t stand to have anything happen to it. Due to this, I hired Toowoomba Cleaners to help me keep it crystal clear. 


    We had a big party at the office, and I was in charge of hiring professional cleaning services. I knew I just had to get it right and get cleaners that would clean up all the drinks and food we had spilt. 




      Toowoomba Cleaners Google Review budget and Satisfaction Guarantee
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