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Laurel Bank Park playground

About Laurel Bank Park playground

Located near the city centre of Toowoomba, Laurel Bank Park is a stunning parkland spanning 4.5 hectares. It boasts well-maintained gardens, a scented garden, various exotic trees, a playground, a picnic area, a gazebo, and croquet greens. While it is beautiful throughout the year, it is renowned for its breathtaking spring displays and cherry blossom-lined avenues. During the Carnival of Flowers in September, the park is at its most magnificent. The Scented Gardens, which are a special addition to the park, were designed based on suggestions from the Downs Association of the Blind. These gardens contain fragrant flowers, herbs, and shrubs planted in raised beds. In 1932, the land for Laurel Bank Park was generously donated by Samuel George Stephens, the Managing Director of the Darling Downs Building Society. He had already enhanced the land with shrubs and flowers, earning him the nickname “the man of flowers.” The City Council now serves as the official custodian of the park.

Located approximately 800 metres southwest of Toowoomba railway station, Laurel Bank Park is a public park with 4.3 hectares. Herries, West, and Hill streets surround it. The park was gifted to the City of Toowoomba in 1932 by Samuel George Stephens (junior), a resident who had spent nearly thirty years cultivating its stunning gardens. Within the park, numerous mature trees thrive in cold climates and are highly regarded in the field of horticulture. In the 1930s, two croquet lawns and a croquet clubhouse were added to the park. During World War II, the park was a rest and recreation camp for United States Navy submariners. Today, the only remaining structure from the camp is the intact former mess hall. Since the 1930s, Laurel Bank Park has been a popular tourist destination in Toowoomba and remains so to this day.

Laurel Bank Park playground

What to do at Laurel Bank Park playground

Throughout the year, Laurel Bank Park undergoes stunning transformations as the seasons change, showcasing a captivating display. The park features majestic deciduous trees, transitioning from radiant yellows and browns in the autumn to bare winter branches, only to burst with vibrant new growth in the spring and summer. Adding to its appeal, Laurel Bank Park is a part of Toowoomba Regional Council’s Summer Tunes program, which offers complimentary live music performances in designated parks. Convenient parking options are available in Herries and Hill Streets, as well as off-street parking accessible from Hill Street.

Located close to the heart of town, Laurel Bank Park is a prominent park in Toowoomba that offers a splendid oasis. This park boasts well-maintained gardens, fully-grown trees, a scented garden specifically designed for the visually impaired, play equipment for children, picnic areas with barbecues, and even two croquet lawns. It is highly recommended to visit this park during the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, as the gardens are adorned with vibrant colours. When exploring Laurel Bank Park, take your time to fully appreciate the various remarkable elements of the gardens, such as the all-season topiary features, scented gardens, spring bulb displays, and the ornament garden that caters to children.

Laurel Bank Park playground

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