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HumeRidge Church of Christ

About HumeRidge Church of Christ

With a history spanning 140 years in Toowoomba, HumeRidge Church of Christ is a faith community that places Christ at its core and caters to people of all generations. We aim to create a welcoming environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures can come together to experience and spread the grace and truth of Jesus. We foster connections that are warm and inviting, ensuring that everyone feels included and valued. This community is a place where we learn, develop, demonstrate, and distribute the teachings of Jesus.

Situated in Toowoomba, HumeRidge Church Of Christ is a Christian church that embraces the complete Word of God and engages in worshipping the Living God, Jesus Christ, with sincerity and devotion. Noteworthy for their anointed preaching and teaching, the church services are also characterized by the remarkable signs and wonders that accompany them. We cordially invite you to join us in experiencing the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit at our service.

HumeRidge Church of Christ

What to do at HumeRidge Church of Christ

We invite you to join us on a journey of learning, growth, and collaboration as we strive to become more like Jesus. Like Jesus and his disciples, we share the belief that God wants us to actively contribute to transforming the world. Through our mission statement, we aim to convey that we are transformed into the likeness of Christ when we come together as individuals and as a community, experiencing and reflecting God’s love.

The dynamic Christian community of HumeRidge Church is a small yet impactful group that desires to witness lives being transformed by Christ. Just like when Jesus was present on earth, His influence brought about significant changes. Hearts were touched and transformed, lives were turned around, and individuals found hope. Families experienced blessings, and communities were greatly impacted. The world as we knew it was forever changed when Jesus’ earliest followers embraced His mission and, like Him, revolutionized society.

HumeRidge Church of Christ

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