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Queens Park Toowoomba

About Queens Park Toowoomba

The establishment of the Queen’s Park and Botanic Gardens in Toowoomba occurred in the 1870s, following its gazetting as a public reserve in 1869. Queens Park was designated for public recreation, while the Botanic Gardens served as a centre for botanic research. During the 19th century, urban public parks gained popularity due to their contribution to public health. These parks provided outdoor recreation for those who couldn’t afford private gardens and improved the environment of crowded city areas. The interest in scientific understanding of the natural world led to the establishment of botanic gardens worldwide, including Brisbane in 1855. This was particularly important in colonized areas with limited knowledge of the interaction between geography and botany. The Brisbane Botanic Gardens included branch gardens throughout Queensland, providing valuable botanic data across various ecosystems.

The Botanic Gardens have a formal layout and planting style, featuring large trees surrounded by garden beds in geometric patterns, as well as hedges and avenues. The central focus of the Gardens is the Thomas Memorial, located in a spacious circular area that is more open compared to other parts of the Gardens. Adjacent to the memorial is a small cannon. The garden paths are covered in gravel and bordered by slender flower beds. Surrounding the gardens is a low masonry fence that is interrupted to create entrances. One of the entrances is a recent addition, a grand gate made of rubble sandstone, adorned with four circular sandstone motifs and an entablature displaying the inscription “Toowoomba Botanic Gardens Est’d 1875.” There is another recent addition inside this gate, a doorway feature salvaged from a local demolished building composed of two granite columns with ionic caps connected by a sandstone entablature. Additionally, a new toilet block has been built within the garden grounds.

Queens Park Toowoomba

What to do at Queens Park Toowoomba

The charming Queens Park is just a short walk from Toowoomba’s Central Business District. Beloved by the community and meticulously maintained throughout the year, this park serves as an ideal gathering spot or a delightful pause during your travels. In the northeastern area, you’ll find a pristine flower garden and an elegant botanic garden showcasing mesmerizing displays that are particularly awe-inspiring in September during the vibrant summer and spring seasons. Queens Park, a 26.3-hectare green space, was meticulously designed and created by Walter Hill, who served as a government botanist and superintendent of the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. The park boasts expansive grassy areas in the south-eastern and north-western corners that are perfect for sports and even includes a specialized swing for disabled children.

Adjacent to Godsall Street, there is an off-leash dog area, while the southern section of the park offers children’s play equipment. Additionally, the park is adorned with sealed walking tracks and a bicycle track for visitors to enjoy. It serves as a hub for various community activities, including the highly anticipated Carnival of Flowers events such as The Gala Dinner, The Flower, Food and Wine Festival, and Side-Show Alley in September. Furthermore, the Languages and Cultures Festival takes place each August, further highlighting the park’s role as a central gathering place for the community. Notably, Queens Park is home to majestic trees imported from around the world, including Europe and Asia, which now gracefully line the shaded avenues, adding to the park’s timeless charm.

Queens Park Toowoomba

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