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Picnic Point Parklands

About Picnic Point Parklands

Located in the Picnic Point Parklands at the top of the Toowoomba Range, this destination is approximately 1hr 30min from Brisbane. It offers a series of walking trails suitable for people of most ages and fitness levels and is also dog-friendly. To fully explore the parklands and its various trails, it is recommended to allow 2-4 hours. Four main marked trails lead to different points of interest, and for those who are more adventurous, there is a fifth trail that combines all four trails into a circuit. These trails provide diverse experiences, including scenic views of the Lockyer Valley and beyond, uphill and downhill paths of varying altitudes, bush walks, and even some bitumen surfaces that lead to street exits. Additionally, a short paved walk near the lookout and parking area leads to a charming waterfall. Visitors can also enjoy the gardens, cafes, and parkland nearby.

Council approved the draft concept master plan for the Picnic Point Parkland area on March 19, 2019. This iconic reserve, spanning approximately 65 hectares on the escarpment of the Great Dividing Range, has always been a beloved park and scenic lookout destination. The Picnic Point Parklands Master Plan guides future development, upgrade, and management of this historic parkland. Implementing this plan will benefit the community, tourists, visitors, and the wider Toowoomba region.

Picnic Point Parklands

What to do at Picnic Point Parklands

The State heritage-listed Picnic Point Parklands, located just a short drive from the city’s CBD, is a truly stunning destination that visitors should not miss. The parklands offer breathtaking panoramic views towards Table Top Mountain and the Lockyer Valley, providing an awe-inspiring sight. By night, visitors can witness the mesmerizing glow of Brisbane city lights from the renowned Picnic Point Lookout, situated high on the crest of the Great Dividing Range.

Upon entering the parklands, visitors are immediately welcomed by a magnificent avenue of mature hoop pine (Auracaria cunnninghamii) and South Queensland kauri pine (Agathis robusta), leading them towards the beautifully maintained lawns and gardens of Picnic Point Square, also known as Flagpole Island. A short distance away, a captivating waterfall constructed using the natural fall of the land captures attention, accompanied by the soothing sounds it produces. This picturesque area, surrounded by lush foliage and featuring a charming gazebo, is a highly sought-after location for wedding ceremonies. For those seeking adventure, the parklands offer a series of walking trails along the escarpment, allowing visitors to explore a variety of intriguing places and lookout points. These trails provide an opportunity to immerse oneself in the stunning surroundings and experience the area’s beauty from different perspectives.

Picnic Point Parklands

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