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Tips to Clean Your House Faster

The Best Way to Clean Your Home

Cleaning your house is not an easy task. Cleaners are there to help you out with the heavy lifting so that you can spend more time enjoying your home and less time cleaning it! Cleaning services are available for both residential homes as well as commercial spaces. Cleaning companies will come in and do all of the work for you, or they may offer a service where they send someone out to “deep clean” periodically throughout the year.

Cleaners often use chemicals like bleach, ammonia, detergent, etc., which means that if there’s any spillage on hardwood floors, it could lead to permanent damage. To avoid this potential danger, make sure to wear rubber gloves when using these products. This blog post, compiled by Toowoomba Cleaners, will share nine tips to help you clean your home faster and have more time for other things!

 Clean your kitchen first to avoid cooking smells

Cleaning your kitchen can be tricky, especially if you have a lot of appliances and cupboards to clean. Cleaning your kitchen should be the first thing on your to-do list because that way, you can eliminate cooking smells and get rid of any grease or dirt stains. Clean one appliance at a time so you don’t mix the appliances.

Avoid cleaning all appliances in one go instead of clean them individually while they’re still dirty. This will help save both time and effort! Clean once a week if possible, mainly most used surfaces, such as stovetops and countertops.

Cleaning every day is great, but it’s often not necessary unless you have pets or kids who make messes constantly. Only dust when needed. Cleaning on a schedule is always better than waiting until your house gets so dirty that you have to clean it all at once.

 Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

Don’t vacuum straight away after mopping floors; otherwise, the debris from the mop might clog the machine. Use a squeegee between mopping and vacuuming to pick up and trap more dust, dirt and debris from your floor surface.

Clean out the filter of your vacuum cleaner every month for better suction power when you need it most! Sweep any area that has seen water before cleaning with a wet mop; this will prevent too much moisture on the hardwood floors or carpet, which can cause potential damage. 

It would help to dry off areas with excessive dampness immediately after they have been mopped to avoid mould growth later on. Clean light fixtures once per week by using an old toothbrush dipped in a vinegar solution (one-part white distilled vinegar diluted into five parts water).

 Put away clothes as you take them off.

So they will be out of the way while you are cleaning. Cleaning your house does not have to take forever! Don’t forget to clean inside cabinets and drawers, including appliances like ovens, dishwashers, microwaves etc. 

Tackle one room at a time when it comes to dusting so that nothing gets missed or forgotten about. Finish by wiping down all surfaces with a cleaner for them to sparkle after you leave!

Cleaners should always maintain an adequate supply of paper towels on hand throughout the day since these are great for absorbing any excess moisture left behind from mopping or vacuuming. Cleaners can also use old socks instead if they do not have any paper towels on hand.

Clean the bathroom after using it.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips: Cleaners should never forget to remove all of the trash and clutter from any bathroom they clean for a pleasant experience.

Cleaners must also ensure no mould or mildew surrounding bathtubs, tub surrounds, showers walls and floors since this can damage surfaces over time. Cleaners must make sure to wipe down all surfaces, clean grout and caulk if necessary, scrub the toilet bowl inside and out until it is spotless.

Cleaners should also disinfect surfaces frequently touched by hands, such as door handles, faucets/taps etc. Use natural cleaners for this, or they may prefer a commercial product instead. Cleaners should also remove any old soap, shampoo bottles etc., that are not needed anymore and replace them with new ones to spruce up the bathroom space.

Clean as you go

Please don’t wait until your home is spotless before starting to clean it. Clean as you go, and it will be easier to clean the house. Put away clothes that have been lying around, wipe down surfaces after cooking etc.

Shut blinds/curtains if possible, so they don’t get dusty. Another tip is to shut any unnecessary windows or curtains before cleaning your house, so the dust doesn’t spread everywhere.

Do a checklist

A good tip is to create a checklist before cleaning your house, so you don’t forget anything or spend more time than necessary doing something.

Clean the kitchen from top to bottom, go through all of your clothes and accessories etc., so you can stay on top of it to clean your house faster and more efficiently.

Throw out what you don’t need anymore

Before cleaning a space, look around for broken or unused things so they can be thrown away rather than have them lying around in the way.

If something has sentimental value, keep it if possible but give yourself time before going back to it so that there’s no pressure on keeping everything just because of nostalgia.

Don’t rush through the job.

It may appear like cleaning for an hour will eliminate dust bunnies and dirt on shower tiles, but rushing frequently leads to additional work later because it causes missed spots and raises the likelihood of streaks forming on mirrors and windows.

Make sure you give each a decent amount of attention, especially those that have been neglected over time. It may accomplish this by cleaning for short periods throughout the day.

Call for Expert Cleaning Services

If you’re unsure about cleaning a particular room or think you’ll need help, hire a cleaning service.

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