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8 Amazing Tips You Didn’t Know in Cleaning

8 House Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your House Feel Like New

There are house cleaning services that can help you get your house in order, but sometimes it is just easier to do it yourself. If you need some house cleaning tips, then this blog post compiled by Toowoomba Cleaners will be perfect for you! This Will share Eight housekeeping ideas that will make your house feel like new again!

  1. Clean up after yourself

Don’t leave dishes on the counter. Make your bed when you get up in the morning, and pick up after yourself. Clean it up if you find a mess that someone else has made (like spilled milk)!

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There’s nothing worse than coming back to a house that is cluttered with piles of clothes for the laundry, dirty dishes in the sink and all over your countertops. Before leaving the house, make sure you put everything where it belongs so that your home will be presentable when you come back.

  1. Get rid of clutter around the house

Clutter can build up over time if left unchecked, so make sure to take care of it before it gets worse by organizing closets, cabinets and shelves where there might not be enough room for everything. You can also donate what you don’t use anymore to the local thrift store or Goodwill.

Many people have too much stuff in their house because they don’t know how to organize it! Go through your home with an eye for what items are necessary and which ones can be discarded–donating things is always a great way to clean up clutter without throwing them out entirely. The space will feel more open and comfortable when everything has its place!

  1. Sweep or vacuum the floor

Sweep or vacuum the floor to keep it clean and free of debris. If you can’t vacuum the whole house, use a broom or scrubber to clean up the dust from hardwood floors.

When cleaning your house, it’s essential to start with what is most visible first–the floor! Sweep or vacuum the floor will keep it clean and free of any debris that might be there like dirt, hair and pet fur !” It pays off in terms of time savings,” says professional house cleaner Jen Wiechman.” It may take only an extra five minutes out of someone’s day, but they’ll have less work doing other things because their house is tidier.”

  1. Clean your kitchen thoroughly

Make sure to clean your kitchen thoroughly and wipe down all the surfaces. “One of the house cleaning pet peeves is when people leave dishes in the sink,” says Wiechman. “A dirty dishwasher or a stovetop full of cooking grease, crumbs and spills are not going to make people want to do their housecleaning!”

Ovens should be cleaned as well because they can harbour nasty bacteria like E-coli that could then spread into other parts of your house through airborne particles !” When you’re finished wiping down each area, take out any trash, so it doesn’t pile up while waiting for next week’s appointment.”

  1. Clean your fridge and freezer

Clean out your freezer at least once every two months. “If you can’t do it that often, then just do a house cleaning checklist before your next party, so you know to get all the frozen items out.” It’s also essential to clean the inside of your fridge every week by wiping down surfaces with warm water and soap or toss unneeded leftovers in the compost bin – they’ll only spoil if they stay too long!

  1. Clean windows inside and out

Cleaning windows is a house cleaning checklist that is often forgotten. “If you have greasy fingerprints or other smudges, use dry paper towels with window cleaner to wipe them away.” According to Toowoomba Cleaning, when it comes time to clean your windows outside, start at the top and work down in order of dirtiest to least dirty.

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Wash your windows on a sunny day to avoid the house cleaning chore of dry them afterwards.

  1. Let’s get onto house cleaning tips for your kitchen!

One common mistake is not taking out all appliances, dishes and utensils from their cabinets before washing or scrubbing. This can mean you’re wasting time by doing unnecessary clean up in addition to getting a thorough house cleaning job done! Remember that any small items are left on shelving within reach while you wash them down with soap and water. They will require more work than just wiping off because those spots have been exposed to soapy residue longer.

The other big housecleaning task in the kitchen has got to be scrubbing down counters. There are a few tricks, though: when cleaning the stovetop, don’t forget to let it cool first, or you might burn yourself on a hot surface. Also, remember that many house cleaners use ammonia as an ingredient for cleaning and if you have pets in your home, this could be harmful, so avoid using bleach-based products.

  1. Dust off furniture and other surfaces

While dusting, avoid using feather dusters and instead opt for a microfiber cloth with no chemicals. There are house cleaners that can help you deal with dusting as well: they have sprays that will kill the bacteria on surfaces like wood or countertops, so your house stays cleaner.

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Grab some paper towels, spray them down with bleach water (or any other cleaning solution), and use them to wipe up spills in the kitchen. They won’t leave behind streaks of dirt or grease because they were sprayed beforehand!

House cleaners should also vacuum their home once every week for an even deeper clean. It’s recommended to do it off-times when there is little traffic going through common areas, but if not possible, ensure all vacuuming is done during the day.

Call for Professional Cleaning Services

If you’re not doing house cleaning yourself, you should think about hiring professional house cleaners. They can come in and deep clean your home (for example, vacuum all the carpets).

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